Personal brand coaching

If you've got a big vision + want to make an impact then you can't hide your shine. 

I've helped hundreds of women look inward to the core of who they are and given them strategies to integrate their strengths and values into their personal brand.

There’s no need to pretend you’re someone else to make your dreams happen. All the things you need are already inside you.

This 6-week coaching process is my way to hold up a mirror, so you can see that magic inside. So you can see that you have what it takes, to do the big work that you dream of.


It's a personal journey

I was the girl voted ‘least likely to know what she wanted to do with her life’ in highschool. 

I was the girl who had an average job tenure of 18 months and who has big quals under her belt that are totally unrelated to what I do. 

I had friends come and go. I had a marriage start and fail. 

But this isn’t a sob story. 

This is a story of empowerment. 


Through all of this stuff, I have learned something really important. I have learned who I am. See before I would brush off compliments - personal or professional. I believed they were lying to me. I couldn’t tell you what I was good at, and (those who know me now would laugh...but) I rarely had an opinion on anything. At least one I could voice out loud. 

They say that being in business for yourself is one of the world’s best ‘personal development’ programs (maybe only slightly behind parenting). For me this was true. I failed twice (or was it three times) in business. I created brands based on who I thought I should be. Who I wanted to be. And the whole time ignoring who I actually was. 

It took a gazillion Cosmo personality quizzes. Plenty of red wine and navel-gazing. But I found my way. I got clearer on who I was in business. I was surer of what I was good at. My personal dress style  - even my interior decorating preferences - became more defined. Now, who I am, how I show up in my consulting role and how I serve my clients, all stems from knowing me. Knowing the essence of what has become my RAINBOW BRAND.


Personal brand coaching

A one-on-one online and face-to-face coaching process to help you unlock your natural and best personal brand.  

So what is a Rainbow Brand?

Well, not gonna lie, it’s a term I made up. But there’s a good reason. 

See, a rainbow is a beautiful mix of a range of colours. But together, these colours blend to clear white light. 

Your Rainbow brand is more than the branding you have for your business. 

It’s more than the ‘personal brand’ you develop in your career. 

Your Rainbow Brand is about how you glow in all aspects of your life

See, you are already shining in all these areas. All we need to do is work out how to package all that goodness into a brand that makes it easier to share and shine. 

It could look a little like this: 

  • Trusting the strengths that you bring to your biz or career. 
  • Knowing what makes you stand out - so you don’t have to ‘fit in’. 
  • Owning your ‘boss signature’ so you always have a kick-arse way to answer the ‘what do you do’ question. 
  • Practical and tangible steps to help you infuse your copy and your visuals with the essence of your brand. 
  • A whole lot more confidence and a powerful framework to give you the inside scoop to making it real.

How does it work?

The Rainbow Brand method is the approach that I have used for a number of years with my brand clients. 

When I started this gig, I would ask my clients what their personal strengths were. They would not be able to answer. What are you good at? No answer. Yet, these were women doing amazing things. I knew from my own struggles, that it takes confidence to be able to answer these questions. Confidence and ownership of what makes you amazing. And THIS is something that many of us lack. 

Drawing on my experience, the tools and the activities I did,  and using my background in recruitment and training and development, I put the process that I had done myself into action. 

The result is a mix of objective tools and ‘tell it as I see it’ support. The process resonated with my photography clients. Not only did the method help my clients get clear on what their personal brand is, but it built confidence along the way. And that is the sweetest part of it all! 

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